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References ~
Thank you for all your help with our worship today! I really appreciate how you responded under tough circumstances. The worship was fantastic! The Lord used you today my friend! It was a pleasure to worship with God's people together. Looking forward to connecting again soon!
Pastor Shane Wilt - West End Baptist Chapel – Hagerstown Maryland 


"In the scope of what is known as contemporary Christian music, there are many styles and countless singers to go along with each kind. There are a few though, who stand out from the rest, those whose anointing, message and versatility give them a unique ability to reach people of all ages, and from all walks of life - Hiram is one such artist."

Stephanie Bennett - CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Magazine


Qué bendicion conocerte! I hope you had an awesome time here in Spain.  Keep in touch y muchas bendiciones!

Tan Molina - Director of Toral Conference Center Music Camps, Leon Spain


Ha sido una bendición conocerte y tocar/cantar junto a ti estos días! El honor ha sido nuestro de tenerte entre nosotros y damos gracias a Dios por haberte puesto en nuestras vidas.  Yo también creo que volveremos a vernos, seguro!

Sergio Martin, Coro Gloria de Valencia Spain


You have a wonderful talent, I hope we can get together for a recording session.

Ward Bennett - FOX5 Engineer, New York


You are such a blessing to the body of Christ. Stay encouraged knowing that your ministry is NOT in vain. I love your music and tremendously blessed by your playing so skillfully on your feet, you are truly anointed.

Marvina ‘Cooky’ Levy - Black Gospel Music Leader and Teacher, Los Angeles California


I love, love, love your songs. You are an awesome songwriter. We need you at GMWA. The Dallas Chapter is our closest Chapter to you. I am going to send your info to them.

Zina Jordan - Chapter Rep Emeritus of the Washington State Chapter, National James Cleveland Gospel Chorus, and webmaster of the National GMWA website


You were great to work with.  Be Blessed!
Phil Derstine - Pastor of Christian Retreat Family Church, Bradenton Florida


Happy to see you have moved on and are doing great exploits in the Kingdom of God! Wow!

Pastor Albert Feliciano - Soul Purposed Evangelical Church, Middletown New York


May God bless you Hiram, you are a good man. Our people really enjoyed you when you came to Fellowship Church. May God bless you, we will pray for you.

Joe Yunik – Pastor Fellowship Church, Harrisburg Pennsylvania


It has been an awesome week playing with you brother at the International Worship Festival at the Lancaster Bible College. I am most definitely interested in playing with you again in the future!

Nick Kemp – Percussionist and Teacher, Berwick Pennsylvania


I have had the pleasure of knowing Hiram Garcia since 2004.  He served with excellence as our worship leader!

John Eldredge – Associate Pastor, Gateway Christian Center, St Petersburg Florida


We are excited that you will be singing at our first annual banquet.  We were blessed to hear you sing when we visited your church.  When you sang, it was a testimony to the saving power of Jesus Christ!

Evangelists Harvey & Phyllis Davis – Founders of Touch & Agree Ministry, St. Petersburg Florida


Your solo piano performances, accompaniment and directing of the youth choir and performers contributed to the special atmosphere we strove to create for our city youth, their friends and families.  We were able to create an atmosphere of dignified celebration that was greatly enhanced by your gifts before an audience of approximately 1,000 spectators!

Valerie A. Swan – Executive Director, City of Peekskill Youth Bureau, Peekskill New York


Hiram Garcia has been a tremendous blessing to our ministry here at Solid Rock Church of God.  He is tremendously gifted of God as both a vocalist and musician!  His most valuable asset is his sincerity and love of the Lord our God with all His might and sole desire to lift up the name of Jesus through anointed music!

Tom & Elaine Stimpson, Pastors of Solid Rock Church of God, New Windsor New York

Pastor Shane Wilt


Exec Pastor Greg Heisey


 Daniel Hollingsworth

Daniel Hollingsworth LBC

Pastor Jay Gooding

Jay Gooding

Pastor Joy Yunik

Joe Yunik

Pastor Billy Burke

Billy Burke

Pastor Mark Moder

Mark Moder

Pastor Phil Derstine

Phil Derstine

Pastor Daniel Cotrone

Daniel Cotrone

Jay & Kara'lynne Brubaker

Jay and Kara'lynne Brubaker

Eric & Denise Young, Shepherd's Heart

Eric and Denise Young

Dr. Joe Van Koevering

Joe Van Koevering

Gateway Christian Center

Pastor Jonathan Anderson

John Anderson

Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams

Pastor Randy Helms

Randy Helms

Nick Coetzee

Nick Coetzee

Steve and Lynda Tavani

Steve and Linda Tavani.jpg

Mary Wheeler, EIP Records, St. Petersburg Fla

ArchBishop Clarence E. Davis & Dr. Ada Davis, Tampa Fla

Richard & Gloria Larson, Music Ministries, Largo Fla

Charlie Mendez, Potters Wheel Coffee House, SI NY

Harvey & Phyllis Davis, Touch & Agree Ministry

Rev. John Eldridge, Christian Gateway Center

Rev. Keith Campbell, COGIC, New York City

Bridgett Gordon, Dir Youth Community Choir, Tampa Fla

Rev. Gene Curtis Bivens, Music Minister, NY

Rev. Peter Haylett, Church of God, Poughkeepsie NY

Rev. Pedro Garcia, Christian Music Academy, Bronx NY

John Rivera jr., Youth Pastor & Deacon, Kearny NJ

Mark Santiago, Deacon, Tarrytown NY

Daniel Antonetti, Music Pastor, Puerto Rico

Eddie Giha, Choir Director, Mahopac NY

Roberto Rosario, Praise & Worship Director, Va

Tony Hawkins, Christian Radio DJ, Raleigh NC

Frank Sumrall

Frank Sumrall

Dr. Ray Brubaker

Ray Brubaker