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Bio ~

Latin American Singer, Songwriter & Worship Leader ~ Hiram Garcia is known for the ability and gifting to lead people into the presence of the Lord via the power of MUSIC.


Just as the ancient Levites, priests, and musicians led the Israelites into battle with songs of praise and worship, a new generation is discovering the power of a broken and contrite heart, lifted up to God in expressions of love and adoration.


For Hiram Garcia, leading the Body of Christ into via Praise & Worship is neither a recent phenomenon nor a carefully orchestrated career choice. It is a compulsion driven by a hunger and thirst for the unmatched presence of God.


“There is a fine line between being a worship leader and a worship artist. I’ve been considered both, but neither quite adequately describes what I do. What I really have is a ‘presence of God’ ministry. I know that phrase catches people off-guard, but I am not out to lead people in songs so they can have a good time and feel good. I am out for people to have a life-changing experience as the atmosphere of God fills the room. I desire to see people have their bodies touched, their minds renewed and their wounded hearts absolutely healed.”


Born and raised in the heart of New York City, Hiram came from a close-knit, musical Christian family. His father was a Pastor and played the Trombone in church. Inter-woven in his fiber is his Latin-American cultural upbringing and belief in a higher power, have helped to mold his artistic creativity. Hiram soon found and developed musical expression through piano, guitar, organ and drums, all of which he learned by ear. He studied voice and played the trumpet since elementary school into College and afterwards. After a conversion experience at 15 years old, he went on to study music at The Kings College in Briarcliff Manor NY, Westchester Community College in Valhalla NY and studied voice with Gale Nelson-Holgate, accomplished vocal instructor and performer, from New York City.

For over 30 years, Hiram's Christian musical career has led him through many paths which have included arranging, performing, song writing. He is also is a multi-instrumentalist, which has helped him in composing. He has been involved with local communities, countless ministries, musicians, singers and churches with appearances including Television (TBN) Radio, Coffeehouses, Prisons, concerts, Christian Music Festivals and Colleges.  He has also travelled extensively in the region of the Eastern United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain with invitations to Africa and the United Kingdom.


Hiram has led Worship and Directed Choirs in many churches and venues. He has also worked effectively within the studio, recording and writing for other artists, as well as work on his own independent projects. His single, 'When I Pray,' plays on Christian radio stations along with songs from a piano project called 'Up State', which was inspired from experiences within a 2 year period in his life.


"As it would be, life was not always kind - i was homeless and jobless for 2 years. It's when i went full steam, out of the Christian and into the Secular played in a country band, rock band, latin jazz and backed-up many artists; played in famous venues. I had fun playing with pros but it wasn't a life. I just wanted to pay my bills and have enough to have something to eat. After about 2 years, I surrendered completely and asked God to take full control of my life, once again. Though i was raised in a Christian home, my relationship with the Lord became deeper and became real in my life. Though far from perfection, as no one is, I am grateful for God's Mercy and Grace, along with the ability to do what I do"


The path to the throne room is a familiar one for Hiram, who is sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Spirit, making others comfortable with entering into the Lord’s presence and are then drawn into a place of deeper intimacy with the Lord.


2 Chronicles 5:13, 14 - “…then the house of the Lord was filled with a cloud, so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord…”